How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Car In Ireland?

Parking in Ireland is a nightmare. If you leave your car for more than two hours on a public street, it will get towed. In this post, we are going to talk about the cost of towing a car in Ireland.

Towing a car can be expensive in general. But combine that with the weird vehicle towing laws in Ireland, and you get yourself a whole new version of a nightmare! 

Towing companies usually charge around €150 for a tow and €40 per day as an impounding fee. These fees can vary depending on the region and the company. This is why it is important to do some research before hiring a car towing service in Ireland – especially if it is your first time having to do so!

The first step would be to list all possible companies and contact them for quotes. After that, you should compare prices from different companies, including those that are close by or outside of Ireland, as they may have better rates or offer discounts. Finally, you should take into account what kind of vehicle you are looking for a tow truck for. 

The cost of towing a car in Ireland varies depending on the location and distance. For instance, if you live in Dublin City Centre the average cost is €120 with a maximum of €150. We can compare this to Cork City Centre where the average price is €80 with a maximum of €90.

If you live outside of city centers, it will be cheaper, but still not as cheap as some other European countries like Belgium where it’s around €25-€40. Towing a car in Ireland usually costs around €150 to €350. When you call to have your car towed, companies will give you an estimated quote. This is just an approximation for the cost of towing a car.

If for any reason the tow truck cannot tow your car, there will be no cost to you. They do not charge if it is unable to complete the service.

However, if they are able to tow your car, but are unable to tow it free of charge because of one or more reasons outside their control (such as obstructions on the road), then there might be a fee involved in order for them to get access and complete the job.

A towing company may charge a flat rate or by the mile or by the hour. A flat fee is usually calculated per tow and may be based on where you are towed, for example, from private property, from public property, from a residential area.

If you have not yet been towed to the storage facility of your choice, then it is time to find out how much that tow will cost. One thing that might help is if you contact a towing service beforehand and ask them what their fees are for car tows in Ireland.

It is important to note that car towing in Ireland is not mandatory which means that you can choose not to hire a tow truck. But this might cause more problems for you in the long run since it is illegal and your vehicle will be taken away by police if they find it abandoned on the street or in a parking lot.

The cost to tow a car in Ireland varies depending on the severity of the violation and the distance of the tow. The price for a standard tow will vary from €50-€100, but if you need roadside assistance, it might cost up to €200!

The fee for towing and storage of your vehicle is calculated by multiplying the weight of your vehicle by the current rate. Always cross-check your calculation results across different companies to find the best tow deal for your cars.