Motorway Breakdown Assistance: How To Get Help In Dublin

 Imagine yourself driving through the busy motorways of Dublin during the evening while you’re going to attend your important business and suddenly your car breaks down. You call for the breakdown services but each one is busy and only tending to their nearby routes. Some of them are responding but they’d take hours to reach your destination. You can’t move from the spot without your broken vehicle and you can’t miss your work event. You get out of the car in despair and suddenly you see an array of car headlights running right at you. In the heat of the dilemma, you eventually wake up from the bad dream and see yourself lying on your bed comfortable and safe and then you take a sigh of relief. But if only this was really a bad dream!

Motorway Breakdown Assistance

There are only a very few lucky ones among us who have been driving for years and haven’t experienced this nightmare and failed to wake up from it. Yes, we’re talking about car breakdowns in real life. Our automobiles are not indestructible commodities, in fact, the opposite is true mostly. And these motor vehicles usually let us down in the most inconvenient of times at the most unexpected places. As a matter of fact, most of these incidences take place on the speedy motorways in the cities where the passengers are the most prone to danger. An accident is a known cause of car breakdowns but there are dozens of other more prevailing reasons for them. But whatever the issue is, there are certain steps you should follow when your car gives you troubles.

First, you should drive as far as possible to the left of the emergency lane and place your wheels to face the edge of the grass. Then you need to activate your hazard warning lights and switch on the sidelights of your car if it’s dark. This is the time when you call the emergency breakdown services for help. Once that is done, you should get out of the car (along with any other passengers you might have) through the left doors. Remember to avoid the right doors as you may get injured by oncoming traffic. Wait at a safe place nearby away from the carriageway, preferably on the grass verge beside the motorway. On the off chance that you assume you can fix your car’s issue, refrain from trying and keep waiting for the help to arrive. If you’re female and it’s dark and you don’t feel safe waiting there alone, you can always inform the emergency service of that matter.

Now onto the emergency services. There are a few ways you can reach an emergency service on Dublin motorways. You can always call the emergency helpline to reach a motorway cop who would be able to assist you, you may call a nearby garage or drive to one if your car is still in a capable condition for that, or you can call your local garage who can forward your nearby garage staff to your rescue, but all of these are time-consuming, inefficient, and should be considered as your last resorts. Many car breakdown and recovery services in Dublin work 24/7 citywide who can be reached through their websites, cellphones, emails, social media, etc. Most of these companies are specialized in car towing (in case you need to leave urgently) in which case they take your car to their shop, fix it, and deliver it to your nearby garage, or sometimes your home or business space. These companies provide services to any motor vehicles starting from motorbikes, cars, vans to even trucks and coaches. The cost of their service usually depends on the distance of the towing and the weight of the vehicle. Aside from that, they offer other roadside assistance as well such as battery replacements, jump starts, tyre changes, tyre inflation, fixing punctures, fueling, fuel decontamination, locked out cars, etc. Most of these firms do have qualified mechanics and they try to minimize the time of reaching the destination. However, you should be very careful in your research who you approach for help as motorway breakdown can turn out to be a quite stressful experience if your attendant is not prompt, well-trained, efficient, and friendly. Pricing, also, is always a decisive factor. Moreover, safety is a big concern when it comes to jump-starting cars. Not all jump starts are safe or durable and battery issues may linger on even after an initial jump start which may substantially cost you in near future. So, you need to check the qualification of the mechanics and if the company has any battery replacement services in case you need it. In the event of a recovery, you should also check the towing trucks of the company and the experience of the drivers since driving towing trucks is no easy feat. However, since investigating all of these will surely take a lot of time, you could always be done with your research beforehand and keep your list with you next time you go driving on those busy motorways. After all the word goes, ‘Never think working safely is in vain when it could save a lifetime of pain’.

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