Why Always Hire a Professional for Vintage Car Transportation?

Vintage cars are more than just some random old cars. Vintage cars are something truly special. They hold a special value in our hearts and you wouldn’t want a single scratch on them. But saying ‘I want no damage on my car’ when transporting is easier said than done. Transporting even the best of modern cars which have tactically placed anchor points and many other innovations is a chore and a risk. Switch back to vintage cars and the situation has the potential to become a nightmare. Older cars need a lot of meticulous handling that can only be ensured by a professional. Still unconvinced? Here are some of the reasons you should hire a professional to transport your vintage car.


The biggest advantage of a professional in any situation is of course their vast knowledge and experience. The care with which a professional will handle your car is unparalleled. They have the know-how of the job and the chance of theme missing a step is next to none. 

Transporting a car takes a lot of work. Mainly, securing the car in place properly is a paramount task and you cannot afford to make a mistake here. Miss one strap and your car will end up in a ditch. If your try to do it yourself, chances are, you will on some level or another make a little tiny blunder that will lead to your car being damaged. A professional has transported many cars and has all the steps down to a tee. The chances of them pulling a costly mishap is practically zero. 

Your Safety

Transporting a car, any car is pretty risky actually. For people who are new to it, driving a trailer of a large vehicle is a totally different ball game. With a trailer attached to your car, the whole dynamic will change and you will have to cope with that. Add to this the fact that there already is a lot of stress on you because you are after all transporting your special vintage car, and this quickly becomes a recipe for disaster. Driving a trailer is already a tough enough job and with the large load of stress, your chances of crashing increase a lot. 

Cannot Trust Part Timers

Similar to how you really shouldn’t be too overconfident and do it yourself, you also would want to rely on hobbyists. Every car guy knows a neighbourhood Joe or a friendly Rick who just happens to own a trailer. But, as attractive as this might sound- getting your car transported for free- you must veer clear. For the same ‘might miss an important step’ reason you shouldn’t do it, you should also stay clear of friendly help. Your friend, despite wanting the best for you and your car, is no pro and you want to reduce as much of a chance of something going wrong as you can. 

Save Time

As well as being the most caring and the safest, professionals are also the fastest. When loading and unloading your car, a pro will manage to be more careful than you and yet faster than you. In the amount of time, you spend just trying to figure everything out, a professional will be done completely. Also, on the road- if we want to get really technical- a professional will always have a higher average speed than you. Having made so many trips and done this so many times, a professional is simply a better, smoother and more efficient driver which in the end can give a big aggregate lead to their drive times. 


Transporting vintage cars is certainly a challenge. They are a beloved possession. They are also incredibly fragile, especially when compared to today’s cars. Transporting cars in general takes a lot of effort and care. You need to make sure every little detail is correct. You need to stay on top of straps and bolts and fasteners that attach the car and keep it in place. Also, driving a trailer is a hurdle and the situation is only compounded when you face the pressure of having something dear to you sitting on the trailer. In stressful situations like this where is the stakes are high, it is always best practice to let the professional take over. This way you can save on a lot of headache and heartache.