5 Tips to Find the Perfect Towing Company for Your Next Tow Car Search

You’d never know when you’re going to need towing services. It’s one of those things that you should always have but you’d never want to use it. As simple as it sounds, not all tow towing companies offer the same level quality of service.

So having a good one at speed dial is highly recommended. So, what makes a great towing company and what should you look for as their must-haves for them to accommodate your needs?

Don’t wait if you already are in the middle of the road with car troubles or knock on wood just faced an accident to decide. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect towing company.


5 Tips For Find the Perfect Towing Company


1. Reviews and Recommendations


Given that a towing company will be providing you services in times of emergencies then you’d want to check up on their reputation and that may precede their reliability.

Well, the good news is nowadays, it’s not so hard to find feedback (or dirt) on a service-oriented company anymore due to the internet, specifically with the help of social media.

Even the most old-school or traditional companies must have some digital footprint and you should be able to find it. Through these channels, you may know how this company deals with its clients because of real feedbacks from people they may have serviced. You may even find complaints from those they failed to respond to.

You’ll find reviews and recommendations on the internet easily.

Your other option would now then be to ask anyone local or anyone familiar with the company. It pays to have friends or people you trust who may have already experienced a certain towing company’s service as you’ll hear feedback firsthand.

As they say, when there is smoke there’s fire. So if you’re seeing negative feedback here and there, then it may be time to continue or narrow your search further. Companies, in general, would want to make their brand visible nowadays especially on the internet.

Data suggests that if you’re not on the digital landscape then you’re going to have a hard time making it in business. Plus, people as of late won’t trust you as much if they can’t find you online.

 2.Services they offer


So you’ve narrowed your search down to some companies with good reviews and recommended by your peers. The next thing to do is to check their service list as it would be useless to find out that they don’t offer what you need despite all that positive feedback.

Don’t assume that all towing companies offer the same set of services all the time. Towing services should include more than just moving your vehicle when road accidents or car trouble happens.

While care removal and roadside assistance might be their bread and butter, look for ones that have heavy transportation and recovery as part of their service list. That’s why the reputation check you did beforehand is so important because you’d want a company that really cares to help.

They won’t just move your car, they would help in anything else needed on say an accident site. Great towing companies go the extra mile!


3. Area they cover


So you’ve decided on a towing company, saved their number, and you’re so happy that they offer great service and a variety of them. It just so happened that your car broke down in the middle of the road. Lucky for you, you have a great towing service company to call, but when you do, you find out that they don’t cover the area you are now in!

Be sure to decide on a company that services your regular routes as well as possible routed that you would take based on your job or business. Again, don’t assume and ask for the specifics.


4. Pricing


Depending on your needs you’d need towing services for a variety of reasons, here are just a few:

  • Running out of oil so you’d need some delivered
  • Jump starts
  • Getting locked out of your vehicle
  • Battery installation
  • Flat tire
  • Vehicle transportation from one state to another or over long distances
  • Flatbed towing
  • Equipment towing
  • Off-road recovery
  • Private property impounds
  • Boat towing
  • Motorcycle towing
  • Heavy truck towing

These are the services that a towing company must cover. So, with the multitude of your towing needs, you should be ready to dish out some cash when necessary.

And trust us, when you are in a bind, you won’t have the time nor the presence of mind to negotiate so it’s better to know the rates beforehand and know that you can afford them.

The mileage rate should be a good way to start on how to determine the ballpark charge you’ll probably incur when you call your trusted towing company.


5. Emergency Response


This search for the perfect towing company will all boil down to determining the quality of service you’d get from them in times of absolute emergency.

Most of the time, towing services may need to be done ASAP. So you’d want a towing company that’s fast to react and respond. Or else, it defeats the purpose of hiring them in the first place. Towing services may not come cheap so you should get the best value out of what you’re going to pay them for.

Professionalism should be at the forefront of a company’s core values should they want to have a consistent queue of clients in this industry. So go with a company that cares, and will be with you in times of need.


We know, towing services or companies are probably not on our priority list. Don’t feel guilty, people just tend to take it for granted sometimes. We mean, no one wants to have any road mishap nor car troubles, right?

So now that you know that you need good quality towing service as a form of insurance for your daily travels then don’t delay and go ahead and follow our tips and start your search.

Nothing like worry-free travels from point A to point B. Drive safe!